Split Test Calculator
Results based on more than just significance.

Make sure your results are not imaginary. This split test calculator is based on statistical significance, sample size, and duration of the test. This test calculator combines the work from AB Test Guide and Evan Miller.

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The expected distributions of variation A and B.

Conversion Rate Control
Conversions A / Visitors A

Conversion Rate B
Conversions B / Visitors B

Relative uplift in Conversion Rate


Observed Power

p value

( CRB - CRA ) / SEdifference

Standard error A
( CRA * (1-CRA ) / VisitorsA)1/2

Standard error B
( CRB * (1-CRB ) / VisitorsB)1/2

Std. Error of difference
SEdifference = ( SEA2 + SEB2 )1/2