Digital Marketing Audits & Strategies
That Follow The 80/20 Rule

Uncover the 20% of marketing efforts that will give you 80% of your results...

Here's our process and what's included with our 80/20 Marketing Audits & Strategies:

1) Interactive Revenue Map for your website

Marketing Audit Revenue Map for your website

Understand where your website is leaking money, and what return on investment you'll get from fixing them.

At a glance you'll learn:

  • Where your funnel is leaking revenue
  • What parts of your funnel require your attention now
  • Which traffic segments are a waste of money
  • What your return on investment from a proactive agency might be

2) Your website's 5 x profit levers

Conversion Rate Optimization is only one of five ways you can grow your company's ecommerce profits.

Here are the other 4:

  1. Traffic Volume
  2. Transactions per year
  3. Average Order Value
  4. Profit Margin

Your website's 5 x profit levers

If your goal is to maximize revenue and not just conversion, it's important that you understand how your numbers play together.

That's why we've put together this revenue modelling tool.

Which lever should you pull for the biggest, fastest commercial gain?

3) GA deep-dive and heuristic evaluation

This report is like a satellite photo of your marketing and website's current performance.

Marketing audit analytics deep-dive and heuristic evaluation

It will show you your low hanging fruit, other potential opportunities, and the kind of money at stake with each one.

You'll also get honest answers to these questions:

  • Where is your website weak?
  • Where is it strong?
  • How could your traffic be optimized?
  • Is your business right for A/B testing?
  • What quick win opportunities could you capitalize on right now?
  • Is there anything sticking out like a sore thumb?

Here's some online businesses that trust us to grow their profits:


David Rawlings

"I wasn't really sure what to expect..."

Ryan was the first CRO consultant I've worked with that wasn't trained by Conversion Rate Experts, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. He worked on one of my accounts and soon proved all my apprehensions totally wrong getting win, after win, after win. Ryan constantly showed himself an original thinker coming up with test ideas that would never enter my mind, which I love. He's a natural. He's also really nice to work with. Softly spoken, caring, considerate and trust-worthy. I highly recommend working with him.

Kevin Mailey

"I was uncertain of the ROI."

Receiving the Growth Roadmap. I feel like we got a good understanding of where we sit in the market and greater confidence. This is valuable information to see how we compared with our competitors. An interesting exercise to review yourself through the lens of your customers.

I liked the Limbic map. The virtual heatmap showing where we need to position our marketing messaging. I found this to be powerful.

  1. It exposed what is important to the customer, not to us,
  2. Showed us how poorly our website was performing, and;
  3. Unearthed key points of persuasion for customers.

I would absolutely recommend this. I think it is invaluable to have an unbiased party assessment. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees. Being caught up in the whirlwind. Assuming customer sentiments and why customers chose us. It's enlightening to see the actual methodology and the Growth Roadmap delivers just that.

Well worth the investment. We'll have this done regularly. Due to the rapidity of change across markets, customers, and competitors!

Jamie Hands

"We were all really impressed with his business analysis..."

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ryan on any projects where you need to see measurable growth.

We were all really impressed with his business analysis and supporting data metrics alongside his very capable conversion skills.

Ryan had some great data backed hypothesis which, when tested, showed some fantastic ROI for the client.

Kimberly MacAulay

"We have experienced amazing results with conversions and SEO."

Ryan was quick to learn the business. He earned my trust and respect by delivering results quickly. An increase in gross profit and a decrease in cost per lead.

My team is stronger having worked with Ryan. They've gained expertise from the shared knowledge and mentoring.

I have expanded my online marketing expertise. And developed a new respect and passion for optimization and SEO.

I'd absolutely recommend Ryan. He's easy to work with, adaptable, and collaborative. Always having the best interest of the company in mind.

Request Your 80/20 Marketing Audit

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  • Pinpoint your cashflow killing pages and traffic types
  • Get quality, actionable insights bespoke to your site
  • Find out if you're a good fit for profit optimization help